Imperfectly Perfect Moments

 ” I always find beauty in things that are imperfect – they are much more interesting. ”
Marc Jacobs


I have a bad habit of over analysing my pictures. Do you?

I can take 100 pictures and only like 3 of them. OK 100 is a slight exaggeration but gives the desired effect. Where did the obsession come from?

Last week, K and I went on a date to The National History Museum. We’ve finally started making our way through our date night ideas list and had a reason to bring out my new camera.

The first thing K did was take charge of the camera and I’m so glad he did. If I was in charge of taking the pictures I would have spent more time analysing the pictures then actually enjoying the moment. I don’t want to be that girl any more. That girl that is so overly focused on angles, lighting and timing she misses out on moments. Genuine unintentional unfiltered moments.

It’s crazy how the worst pictures tell the best stories and the most interesting stories, don’t you think? Your imagination can wild because you’ve captured more than just a pretty smile or the perfect pose. To me, most of the not so perfect pictures aren’t intentional yet they are always the best ones. I never think that when I take them but looking back at them later I’m always glad I did.

I need to remind myself that more often when I take pictures. It’s not about creating the perfect picture, it’s about capturing the moment – no matter how perfect or imperfect it might be.

K took some really good pictures if I’m being honest but I won’t tell him that. We’re thinking of going to Electric Cinema next month for our next date night activity. The Portobello Road branch would be a perfect place to go for the bars, restaurants and of course pictures.

I’m still working on being OK to take a picture and not spend all day re-taking them. I just want to pose, click and go, that’s the goal. I don’t want to look back on nice pretty pictures only, I want to look back on the crazy, unexpected pictures that take me on a walk down memory lane. I’m excited to capture those memories, intentional and unintentional.

Will I remember this in my next outing? We’ll see.

Question Time…

How are you when it comes to pictures? Are you a click and go type or person or redo till you find the right angle?

Let me know in the comments below, email me or tweet me @lydiaonlife.

Lydia x

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