Starting a Personal Blog

“You fail only if you stop writing”

Ray Bradbury


Welcome to Lyd on Life.

Expression is good.

Laughing, crying, screaming, punching or simply doing nothing. Everything we do is an expression.

I’ve not written a blog post in over 2 months. That’s my way of expressing the fact that I’m stuck. I started this blog last year and ever since then I’ve struggled to keep up with it. I’ve struggled to remain consistent and it’s so frustrating. So instead of pushing myself to write any content I’ve spent the past month (or so) re-designing my blog in hopes of getting some inspiration to actually write new content. I wasn’t happy with the way my blog looked and used that as a distraction from the fact that I wasnt happy with what I was writing. Or even how I was writing. Reading my posts from 5 months ago, nothing made me excited.

How did I expect anyone else to be excited about what I wrote if I wasn’t?

So, I tweaked, deleted, updated and changed a few things. A lot of things actually. If you aren’t new to my page then you’ll notice the difference (I hope). If you are new then you stumbled on my blog at the right time (I hope).

I started to realise I was slowly forgetting what I wanted to do here on the blogosphere. Or at least what I was trying to do. I got lost in the sauce a little, more focused on putting out content to stay active instead of relevant, relatable, refreshing, transparent and informative. All the adjectives I hoped anyone who comes on my page would say about me. I wasn’t being any of those things. Why?

Perhaps I’m afraid, or was afraid. I’d like to think I’m not any more, having deleted 30 of my posts and started again…ish. However, the fact that I haven’t posted anything for so long shows me that I’m still a little afraid. Do I really have something worthwhile to say? Are the lessons I learn worth writing about? Have I experienced enough about life to write about it? Do I really want the world to know my thoughts?

The answer is Yes. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Or at least I think so. I’m a firm believer that if you’re not ready to give up, don’t. Take a break but don’t give up. The fact remains that though I’ve spent the last month or so changing my blog instead of writing blog post, I still come back to my blog. Every day without fail I check up on my blog. For what or why I don’t know. But I do. Something tells me to.

That little voice in your head that keeps bringing you back to that thing you keep putting off is trying to tell you something. Perhaps it’s saying put an end to it properly or perhaps it’s saying try again. I’m not ready to put an end to my blog so, I’m trying again. And I’ll keep trying.

Nothing we do is every in vain. Everything we do is leading us somewhere. Even this random form of expression you’ve just read is leading me (and hopefully you) somewhere. It’s OK to have these moments. Especially when it comes to a hobby or a lifestyle change. Just don’t stay in that moment for too long. Enjoy the process. This blog was one of my goals for 2017. 2017 isn’t over yet.

Your turn…

Are you a novice or well seasoned blogger? How are you finding blogging?  Do you ever have doubts? How do you deal with them? If you could describe you’re blog in three words, what would they be?

Get in touch, tweet me @lydonlifeblog or share your experiences and tips with everybody in the comments.

Till next time.

Lydia x |

P.s: Here are some helpful posts for moments of doubt:

2 thoughts on “Starting a Personal Blog

  1. Haaaay Lyd! First off Welcome back. Every girl needs a Stella got her groove back moment. When I first started my blog I came across your’s. You have been such a guide for me. I felt more confident about wanting to write lengthy blogs because yours is lengthy too. I first had my fair share of doubts who would read my blogs and so on and so on. You just doing it simply added on to my mojo of wanting to try. I loved your career chats and tips after graduating. I haven’t gone to university yet your experience still felt relatable for me. That awkward convo your colleagues keep bringing up about your salary and raises which you addressed in your blog. That sort of sharing and caring really helps a girl like me. Or any girl navigating her way through adulting. Love your sincerity xoxo T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyyy T!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Your words of encouragement and the fact that you read my posts mean more than you’ll ever know. I’m kinda sad now that I deleted that post but will work on getting it back up. Knowing that at least one person found it helpful in what ever amount has given me confidence to do that. So thank you! This blogging thing is not easy but girl we can totally do this! And i tried that whole 300 word count limit and it never worked haha. Yay to lengthy posts! I look forward to reading more from you. Take care and again thank you so much Xxxx

      Lydia x

      Liked by 1 person

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