Who Are You Writing For?

Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”
~ Brandon Sanderson



Finding The Best Version of You – Stage 1

As I mentioned in my blog post on motivation when starting something new, my current goal for my blog is to find my voice. To be in a place where I feel as though my content is a true reflection of me and where I am in my life.

Sounds narcissistic, right?

But as Ashley Coleman Thomas from writelaughdream.com said, we are all narcissist. Whether you want to admit it or not, you started your blog because you want to connect with people that care about what YOU have to say.

I know I did!

In my about page I stated that I created this blog as a place to share my journey through young adulthood with an online community. For me to do this I need to overcome my fear of feeling like a narcissist and just share my journey with people who care about what I have to say.

But who are those people?

10 months into blogging I still have no idea. Not really. I had spent soooo much time and effort creating content and promoting it on social media without knowing who I was promoting it to. Who I was aiming my content towards. Creating blogging schedules and social media schedules to keep up with what Google said I should be doing to have a successful blog prevented me from realising I hadn’t developed my voice yet. Like a hamster in a wheel juggling balls whilst blind folded, I was doing too much without a purpose.

This made me second guessed my posts or deleted them once published if I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I hadn’t taken the time needed to identify my voice and yet I was expecting to benefit from it. I was holding back. But why?

As I write this post, I’m starting to realise that my lack of full expression on my blog is a reflection of how I am in my “real life”. I hold back on things in order to fit in or out of fear of being wrong for being myself. I didn’t realise writing this post would lead to such a revelation but I guess this is what happens when you are being true to yourself, right? I needed to find my voice.

Whilst Googling how to do just that I stumbled across this post.

Finding Your Blogging Voice by Jeni Elliott

To truly connect with your readers and build a community around your blog, you’ll need to do it with your own voice, your own style, in your own way…and with your readers in mind.”

In the post, Jeni asks this question:

If you were blogging for just one person, who would it be?

After reading it, I decided to use this post to answer it.

Who am I writing for?

  • I am writing for a female in her mid 20’s called Eve (I know, not very original but it will do for now).
  • Eve is 25 years old, not married but working towards marriage with her boyfriend of 2 years, Adam (yes, I know, but work with me here). Eve has no kids (yet) and does not live with Adam (yet) due to their culture.
  • In her spare time, Eve likes blogging, going to the cinema, listening to music, meeting up with friends, travelling, doing her hair, pampering herself and is an active member of her church.
  • Eve’s biggest challenge in life is managing her time between getting her blog off the ground whilst balancing a 9 to 5 job and keeping up with her loved ones.
  • Eve’s goals and desires are to achieve the life she wants – to feel confident in her own skin, have a happy marriage, a beautiful home that she owns, a few kids and to work for herself (in that order). All whilst remaining true to her-self, her loved ones and her faith.

So, after answering those questions (with myself in mind) I was able to form this picture of my “ideal reader”:

Eve is a 25-year-old Christian girl in a healthy relationship with her first boyfriend Adam. She started her blog to connect with people she wouldn’t normally connect with and find out who she is all whilst making some money on the side. Her hopes of having a thriving blog was shattered after 10 months of not having many reader or people interacting with her blog. Her current job in IT and the support from the few people she has told about her blog allows her time to work on her blog, yet she is struggling to get it off the ground. Her boyfriend appreciates her creative outlet and wants her to succeed, even offering to help where he can. With nothing currently standing in her way, Eve realises she might be standing in her own way.

Sounds like a novel in the making, right?

Sorry, I digress…

It may be narcissistic to use myself as my ideal reader but the truth is I am writing for myself. And as I write for myself, I’m also writing for people like me. People who want to work on the person they are now to discover and become the person they want to be tomorrow. The person reading this may not be a 20 something year old female working in IT but he or she may be starting on their blog and need some motivation. Or, they could be 18 years old about to start university and want to know what life is like after graduation. or they could be 30 something years old about to embark on a new relationship. Or they could be exactly like me. Who knows? Either way my hope is that there is something about me that they can find in themselves. That they can relate to.

As Jeni goes on to say, the purpose of identifying your ideal reader isn’t to “weed out people who aren’t your “ideal”; it’s to help you focus on a single message and deliver it with clarity…so all the people who read your blog can sense some actual purpose in your writing and connect to the person behind the blog”

I know this has been a long one so I’ll leave you with this verse as encouragement to start with you first.

But let each one test his own work, and then his reason to boast will be in himself alone and not in his neighbour. ~ Galatians 6:4

It’s one thing to know you are good enough and it’s another to find out just how good enough you are. Make the step to find out and you’ll be amazed at what you discover.

Your Turn…

Have you read Jeni and Ashley’s posts? What did you think? How do they relate to your blogging journey?

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and questions down below!

Till next time.

Lydia x

2 thoughts on “Who Are You Writing For?

  1. Say whaaat!!Its been a while and I am at your 10 month phase after my epic failure at a 30 day blogging challenge. What always leave me in awe is that in some strange way we always find ourselves in the same pair of heels. I am always encouraged by your bravery to be honest. I learned so much in this post. I am definitely checking out Jeni & Ashleys blog post. Let me get my Eve and Adam in motion lol love your sense of humor too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyyyy T! The struggle is real but if we want it bad enough we will get it!

      The fact that we were both in the same shoes is comforting. It let’s us know this is all part of the process so let’s enjoy it and learn from it. Thank you for stopping by, can’t wait to see what your Adam and Eve story looks like. I really should be more creative with the names lol. Xx


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