Every Little Step I Take Matters

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” ~

Franklin D. Roosevelt


One of the routines I’m trying to incorporate into my blogging process is to read through my previous posts more often. Not only would it help with proofreading so I don’t sound like I typed with my eyes closed but, I want to inspire myself more. I want for the words that I spend time putting together to still be able to move me even after I’ve published them. To inspire myself first before thinking about inspiring anyone else. I want that for myself.

So a few days ago I re-read my post on the first part of Lisa Nichols speech. I know I keep going on about it but I guess you have to be in the place that I’m in to understand. If you haven’t read it here’s a quick summery.

I stumbled across a speech by Lisa Nichols on YouTube one Sunday afternoon (I think). I was so moved by it I decided to transcribe it for myself and use her words for my own post. The post and video talk about the importance of being proud of ourselves, forgiving ourselves and making a commitment to ourselves (and a bunch of other stuff).

So, I decided that everyday I would say the following sentences to myself:

Lydia, I’m proud of you for…
Lydia, I forgive you for…
Lydia, I commit to you that …

And for each of these three sentences they had to have several different endings. I’d encourage you to read the whole post for yourself or better yet, listen to the speech on YouTube.

When I first heard those words I couldn’t wait to write them down and share them on my blog. Now that I was reading them back to myself I was compelled to take action and do something more with them. I decided instead of just saying those sentences I wanted to write them down somewhere.

So I rambled through my room and found a board marker pen and wrote them down on my mirror. I could have used post-it notes but I didn’t want to waste paper (eco-friendly) when there was a perfectly huge mirror that I look at every day staring at me. Plus I’ve always liked writing on surfaces. Tables, windows, walls etc you name it I somehow would find myself writing on them. It’s a weird habit I picked up as a child and although I have it under control (some times) I get the urge every now and then. Maybe I was a teacher or a painter in another life? Or maybe I just like writing…

Either way, I found something cool about writing on my huge mirror every morning. So I started doing it on Tuesday 26th December. It’s only been two days and so far so good. I committed something to myself when I wrote that post and I’m actually sticking to it. The words from my post are no longer just words but actions. To me, that is evidence of progress even if it’s only been two days.

I’m proud of myself for that and it’s worth celebrating and sharing with you because even the smallest of achievements are worth writing about. Who else is going to do it?

I’m currently enjoying my Christmas holiday with nowhere to go so I’ve found it easy to wake up in the morning and write those sentences down. The real test will be when I’m back to work in the new year.

Will I be able to keep up with my morning messages routine? Will I continue to see progress in myself?

I hope so. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress.

I know one things for certain, I will continue to read through my previous posts as often as I can to continue inspiring myself. To remind myself just how magical I can be.

I hope this post has encouraged you to do the same too. To take every step you need to take in order for you to reaching your goal. To realise how amazing the progress you are making is no matter how small they might seem.

We’re all magical really, just takes some of us a while to figure that out.

Till next time.

Love always,
Lydia x

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