How I Got My Post-Graduate Job

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions” ~

Benjamin Franklin


First of all, welcome to Lydia on Life

It’s been 11 months since I started my new job and all I can say is God is good. After making what felt to me like a bold decision to stop wearing make-up to work and stop putting things off till later, life has been going better than I expected.

Something I didn’t feel a year ago whilst re-doing my final year at university.

I currently work as a Project Manager for a software development company which is something I never thought I would be doing straight after university. Before start this job I was working as a receptionist/tech assistant at a business school in the city. Whilst re-taking my last year of university (long story), I needed a job that was flexible enough to work around my studies. God came through via unitemps! If you are currently studying I suggest you find out if your university has unitemps.

The receptionist job was perfect for me while I was at university but it wasn’t a place I could build a career with after I graduated. Lucky for me I had the support of my colleagues who helped me make some useful connections. I went to a few networking events that were held at the business school and used the connections I had to secure an interview at a financial consultancy firm. I knew I wasn’t right for the role but I wanted to make use of the contact whilst I had the opportunity. I thought to myself, if I don’t get the job at least I’ll have the experience.

I didn’t get the job (obviously) so I continued searching online for something that was more related to my degree. I applied for months till finally I got a call from an agency that found my CV on a job board. They asked me a few questions over the phone and a few days later I had an interview. It was that fast!

I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never done any Project Management (except for my dissertation) and I didn’t really understand what the company did. They wanted someone who was an expert with excel and I my friend was not – but i didn’t tell them that obviously. Nonetheless, I went by faith knowing I had nothing to lose and that if I didn’t get it, the experience would help me for the next one.

When I got to the office I felt a little out of place. The area and the people were completely different compared to where I worked. Everyone looked techy, extremely casual and informal. It was nice, different but nice.


The interview started and I was asked a few questions about my CV and a bit about myself which was easy given I had to do the same in my last interview. After the initial chit-chat I was asked to take the excel test. I was shitting bricks as I may have exaggerated my level of excel knowledge. The interview (now my manager) left the room and I attempted to start the test but the computer froze on me. My manager came back in and tried it, it didn’t work so he scrapped the test and proceeded to explain the role.

Praise the Lord!

That was by far one of the best interview I’ve had for a role I was completely unprepared for.

I had done some research on the company but my role within this company and what the company does was a bit difficult to define so I was encouraged to ask questions. Boy did I ask away! Right then I knew I wanted to work for this company.

Hours later, I found out I got the job.


Now I work with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in a role I never expected.  Working for a start-up/medium sized company I feel valued. My skills, opinion and perspective counts and I’m helping to shape the future of the business.

Looking back on where I’ve been to where I am now, it can only be God. Faith can do wonders, you just have to want it and believe you can get it. If you don’t get it then it wasn’t meant for you.

My 12-month review is due this March. Perhaps I’ll share with you what I’ve learned in 12 months of my first post-grad job.

Question Time…

How was your experience finding your post-grad job? Do you have any tips/advice on how to climb up the career ladder?

Let me know in the comments below, email me or tweet me.

Lydia x

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