“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffett


The blog

Welcome to Lydia on Life, a parenting and lifestyle blog run by a twenty-something mum of one living in London. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share with you my experiences and the many things that I’m learning daily as I embark on this thing called mum life.

The blogger

So, you want to know a little bit about me? Gosh, okay, where do I start?

Age? I’m 26 years old.

Job? I work as a Product Specialist for a software development company.

Hotel? Trivago

Okay ignore the last part. I can be awkward like that sometimes. You see I’m not good at the “about me” stuff because I’m still figuring that part out only now I’m doing it with a permanent sidekick named Matthew. Although most of the time I feel like I’m his sidekick. Matthew and Mum take on the world!

I became a single mum a few weeks after finding out I was pregnant in 2018. Like many women out there, I’d always hoped to get married first, buy the house and then have the babies but life doesn’t always pan out how you want it. And you know what, sometimes it’s a good thing. With the support of my friends, family and this little blog of mine I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m glad things worked out how they did and I’m so much more happier than I thought I would be.

Becoming a mum has given me confidence I never thought I had or could have, especially as a single mum. Because of this, I decided to use that confidence to share the experiences that come along the way. From my pregnancy, delivery and recover down to co-parenting and career building, I share it all on here . The good, the bad and the completely uncomfortable.

I’m knew to this mum life and in no way do I know what I’m doing but I’m trying and willing to learn along the way. My hope is that the experiences I share will be useful to someone else who finds themselves in similar shoes.

So I welcome you to my little world of love, laughter, pain and growth. I feel there is going to be a lot in store so enjoy the ride with me.

I try to post at least once a week but with a baby to run after it’s easier said than done. I’ll do my best to stick to it though!

Hope you enjoy!

Love always,
Lydia x


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The disclaimer

This is a personal blog and any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to myself, Lydia, the blog owner. Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section of each blog entry, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane or rude comments) – so keep it polite, please. Also, my posts are quite lengthy so make sure you’re comfy.