New Mum | What do you feed a 6-9 month old?

“A baby’s motivation to put food in his mouth is curiosity and copying – not hunger “ ― Gill Rapley

I headed down to my local supermarket to get some of the ready-made baby food on the shelves and Matthew absolutely hated every single one of them. Now what?

“A baby’s motivation to put food in his mouth is curiosity and copying – not hunger “
― Gill Rapley


If you’re new to my blog, then welcome!

And if not, then welcome back!

How are you? How’s life treating you?

Me, I’m doing OK considering I’ve spent the last week suffering from a cold given to me by my son. I was told that kids collect all sorts from nursery but I didn’t think I’d have the privilege of experiencing it so soon. He’s only been there 2 weeks! Nonetheless we are both doing better and I had just enough strength and time to work on a few blog posts and here’s one of them.

So once upon a time I write a food related post because well I was trying to test the waters of my content and also share some of the meals that have been saving my ass as a mum who hates cooking but loves needs to eat. If that sounds like you then do check out my first Lydia’s Lazy Lunch post and let me know what you think of my first meal in the series. I hope to share more with you in the coming months.

Anywho, in that post I mentioned that Matthew was showing signs he was ready for solid food (sitting up, looking at my food, grabbing my food and shoving it in his mouth, that kinda stuff). I got so excited that I headed down to my local supermarket to get some of the ready-made baby food on the shelves and he absolutely hated every single one of them, even the baby fruit purees. I didn’t like them either but thought it was a me thing. Every thing tasted sour for some reason…

As happy as I was that his taste buds and I were agreeing, this excitement was short lived as it downed on me that now I’d have to make his food from scratch. If you’ve read my last food related post you’d know I hate cooking with a passion but my baby gotta eat and enjoy his food so call me Suzy Homemaker. No don’t call me that please.

Through persistence, patience and a whole lot of wasted food I was able to find a handful of dishes he really liked and I thought I’d share some of them with you.

The weaning process has defiantly been an interesting phase in both of our lives. He’s discovering new flavours and textures whilst I’m discovering new poo smells and textures and a whole new level of forgiveness. 9 times out of 10 the food I spent the better part of my day researching, preparing and blending usually ended up everywhere but my baby’s mouth.

So, if like me, you have no idea or are running out of ideas on what to feed your 6-9 month old here are the quick and easy meals my son is loving during the weaning process. Now please note I am not a dietician or claiming that these meals will go down well with your baby. These are just suggestions to get you started if you’re in need of some ideas. They worked for me, my son and my sanity and I only hope they will do the same for you. Speak to your GP if you have any concerns or need advise on any of these dishes. I’m just a mother sharing my experience on the internet that’s all I’m saying…

Without further ado, here’s what you could feed your 6-9 month old.



  • Scrambled eggs, avocado & baked beans
  • Salmon, spinach & pasta
  • Potatoes, mixed vegetables & soft cheese


  • Turkey or beef mince stew, vegetables & pasta
  • Chicken stew, sweet potatoes & mixed vegetables
  • Mackerel and avocado


Finger foods

And that’s it!

I plan his weekly meals around these food combinations and ensure he is having plenty of milk and water in between so he’s not constipated or dehydrated.

It’s a learning curve for both mother and baby when it comes to weaning or anything else in the motherhood life. We have to take time to get used to it. It took me 3 months and loads of wasted food to get this list. It’s frustrating, tiring and worrying but it’s also fun and exciting once you get passed the mess. You’ll soon realise how much the internet *cough* Instagram and YouTube *cough* lies to you. There is nothing glamorous about the weaning process. You’ll find food bits in all the wrong places, you’ll not get the portions right and your kitchen will look like you live with the 7 dwarfs. Still, I am glad to say that I’m finding my way through it. I might actually end up being Suzy Homemaker at this rate.

I’m still figuring out how much he actually eats and what other foods he likes but I know that these meals always go down well with him. They are pretty quick, easy and self explanatory and I always mix them with milk but if you’d like me to share how I make them then do let me know in the comments. My usual rule is if I taste it and I like it, he will like it too.

As tiring and often heartbreaking as the weaning process can be you feel so accomplished and proud to see your baby scoff down all the food you made once you figure it out. It makes the mess, stress and begging all worth while. Kinda…

I also found the website really useful when it came to weaning and baby recipes and meal planning. I’d suggest picking 2 or 3 meals to try for a week to see how your baby takes to it. That way if they like it, don’t like it or have an allergic reaction to it you’ll be able to easily pin point which one it was. But remember I’m not a professional nor am I claiming to be. I’m just a first time mum sharing her experience.

To make the process of making the food fun I usually have him in the kitchen with me and pretend we’re on a cooking show on YouTube. Is that sad? Probably, but who cares!

Your Turn…

How did you find the weaning process? Do you have any easy to make baby recipes or know of any?

Let me know in the comments below or on my socials @lydiaonlife.

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Till next time!

Love always,
Lydia x

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