Getting Your Groove Back

“Don’t live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.”

Germany Kent


I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that allows me to work from home when I want and as often as I want. This luxury has been a God send for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been dealing with a lot lately and my only comfort was locking myself in my room hoping it will somehow sort itself out. But we all know life doesn’t work like that.

I’m not ready to speak about it just yet but I am ready to get back on my feet and back to myself again. I spent about a week and a half living in my gown and head scarf working from home because it was easier than finding the strength to face the world. Dramatic, I know but that’s exactly how I felt. The idea of answering questions like “Hows everything going?” or “You feeling okay?” was something I didn’t want to deal with. I was drained emotionally, physically and I couldn’t answer those questions without crying. I wasn’t okay. Everything wasn’t going well but I didn’t have the strength to admit that to people so I hid.

After 2 weeks I got tired of hiding. I didn’t like what it was doing to me. I was neglecting my skin, my hygiene was a little questionable and I don’t think I’d put a comb through my hair in days. Food was the last thing on my mind and crying was the only thing that helped me get through each day.

Then one day I’d had enough. I came to the realisation that none of this was doing me any good. By spending my time and energy focusing on my problems I was neglecting myself. I was letting myself go instead of letting go of aspects of myself that no longer served me. Yes, I was dealing with a lot but failing to care for myself wasn’t going to make it all go away.

So I decided to do these 5 things which gave me the boost I needed to get back to myself again.


Sometimes we get so lost in our problems we forget that there is a God who knows the concerns of our hearts. Our problems become bigger to us than his power to solve them for us. But when you stop and take a moment to pray, something happens. A subtle shift in us happens. This shift gives us just enough power to think clearer and change our situation. The eloquence of your prayers don’t matter, its the passion and faith behind them that does.

James 5:16-18

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”


When your spirit is working on the inside, it’s time to start work on the outside. Blemish prone skin requires attention at best of times so taking care of it is just as important if not more in your worst times. It allows you to pamper yourself and focus on the things you can change. Go to the spa, have an at home pamper session or just keep up with your skin care routine. Having bad skin shouldn’t be another added stress if you can help it.


When you look good, you feel good and although au naturel is lovely, a little make-up can help when you are not yet feeling 100% yourself. Fake it till you make it I say! Make-up gives you that little extra boost of confidence when you need it most and there’s nothing wrong with that. So bring out the make-up bag and work your magic. Once you’re done, style your hair in your favourite hairstyle and you’re half way there to feeling and looking like you again.


A pretty face isn’t complete without clothes to match. This may sound shallow to some but I believe that how you dress is a representation of how you feel. What you wear should be based on the positive thoughts you have about yourself and nothing else. The only person you are guaranteed to impress in life is you so never miss out on an opportunity to do that.


Isolating yourself makes you forget the good in all the madness. You focus so much on yourself and your problems you forget there are other people in your life who care so much about you. People who are willing to help you through your problems. With every interaction with others you build strength to deal with what you are going through. It may not feel like it at first but if you have the right people around you you’ll realise that you are not alone in this.

Sometimes things in life happen not to bring us down but to shows us the quality of our friends, family and the life we live. It may not seem that way at the time but trust me it is. We are all entitled to a moment or two of self pity but we should never allow ourselves to stay there. Never let a let down keep you down.

Learn your lessons and keep it moving. It’s not easy but it will get easier as long as you are willing to keep going.

Love always,
Lydia x

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Hi and welcome to Lydia on Life! I'm the mother of a very handsome baby boy and work in software development in London. I created and use it as an outlet to share my journey through motherhood. I love food, I love travel, I love creativity and I love technology. Most of all I'm learning to enjoy being a mother and sharing that experience with the internet.

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