10 Movies & TV Shows Perfect for Valentine’s Day on Netflix *

It’s that awkward time of the year again. I’m talking about Valentines Day… *gasp* Dun dun duuuun.

For most of us it’s a day of flowers, chocolates and Instagram worthy dates but for me it’s a little different. I’m single and I’m a mum. Not exactly the ideal candidate for this time of the year. Or am I?

It’s that awkward time of the year again. I’m talking about Valentines Day… *gasp* Dun dun duuuun.

For most, it’s a day of flowers, chocolates and Instagram worthy dates but for me it’s a little different. If you’ve read my pregnancy journey post then you will know why. So when I received an e-mail to work with Panasonic (HD television company)* about a post on TV shows that are perfect for Valentine’s Day I thought, okay, this could be interesting.

What movies and television shows would be perfect for a single mama like me on this fine day of romance and romantic love?

Thanks to Panasonic, I was inspired to find some and I wanted to share them with you. If you’re like me then hopefully these should keep us off social media for 24 hours where our singleness isn’t always appreciated. I’m all about turning lemons into lemonade. Can I get a Amen!

Okay let’s start with the movies.

BirdBox – (2018) – A mysterious force decimates the population by taking the form of their worst fear. If they see it, they die. In an effort to stay alive, a woman and her children embark on a dangerous journey to safety whilst blind folded. Will they make it? Starring Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich and Mr fine ass himself Trevante Rhodes. (Thriller)

And Breath Normally (2018) – Due to unforeseen circumstances, the lives of two women (a struggling Icelandic single mother and a Guinea-Bissauan asylum seeker) intertwine. A bond between them form as they strategise to get their lives back on track. Will they succeed? Starring Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir and Babetida Sadjo. (Drama)

Been So Long (2018) – Set on the streets of London’s musical hot-spot, Camden, a dedicated single mother is charmed by a handsome stranger with a troubled passed whilst on a night out. Is she ready to open up her heart again or will this new relationship end in disaster? Starring Michaela Coel and Arinzé Kene. (Musical)

Bad Moms (2016) – When three overworked and under-appreciated mums are pushed beyond their limits, they ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun and comedic self-indulgence. Can these mums handle it? Starring Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell. (Comedy)

Mummy Dearest (2014) – A dedicated yet intrusive mother struggles to keep in touch with her five adult children. After the loss of his friend’s mother, the youngest and most unresponsive child travels back home on a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation. Will this make or break their relationship? Starring Liz Benson and Daniel K. Daniel. (Nollywood)

Now that’s what I call variety!

Let’s move onto the TV shows.

The Letdown – New mother Audrey needs help with the new addition to her family, so she joins a support group for new parents. While attending meetings, she makes quirky friends who are facing their own challenges and life changes. Will she be able to cope? Starring Alison Bell, Duncan Fellows and Leon Ford . (7 Episodes)

Greenleaf – On the surface, the Greenleaf family, who run a sprawling Memphis megachurch called Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, appear to have it all. However, the scandals, the secrets and the lies they share will taint their perfect world. Can they redeem themselves? Starring Lynn Whitfield and Keith David. (4 Seasons)

One Day At A Time – Follows the life of Penelope, a newly single Army veteran, and her Cuban-American family, as they navigate the ups and downs of life. With a teenage daughter, tween son and an old-school mother on hand, Penelope has a lot going on. How will she handle it all? Starring Justina Machado and Isabella Gomez (3 Seasons)

Sex Education – A socially awkward high school boy who’s mother is a sex therapist teams up with a high school classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school. What could possibly go wrong? May not be one to watch with the kids around, ey. Starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey. (2 Seasons)

Friends – Does this really need a summary? Friends is a great TV show that never gets old and I won’t hear a bad word said about it. I’ve had Phoebe moments, Monica moments and now I’m having a Rachel moment (Season 8). Every storyline is relatable. Which Friend are you? Starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. (10 Seasons)

And that’s it, that’s my list of movies and TV shows perfect for Valentine’s Day if you’re single and just so happen to be a mum too.


Aside from sharing some movie and TV show ideas, I also wanted to use this opportunity to highlight movies which represent mothers in different ways. Single mother or not, representation matters and I was delighted to find some of that in both TV and film. Hopefully in future there will be more positive representation of single mothers.

So, is watching Netflix the only thing I plan to do on Valentines Day? Guess we’ll have to wait and see in the next post. But for now remember that if you’re a single mum like me or single in general, Valentines Day is just as much for you as it is for everyone else so enjoy it! I know I will.

Your Turn…

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P.S: My Christmas PJ’s were the best Christmas gift to myself! So comfortable and convenient for this UK weather. 🙂